Christmas Bingo Party Games

Christmas Bingo Party Games are fun and entertaining for families or groups.

Age: All ages

No. of Players: Any number

Equipment: One pen/pencil and bingo card per player

Time: 10+ minutes

Aim: To be the first player to cross out all the numbers on their card.

You will need one Christmas-themed bingo card per round for each player. You can print a set of twelve free cards by clicking here. There are also some blank cards for you to fill in your own bingo numbers (according to the rules), and a set of small numbered squares (1 to 75) for the game.

1. The numbers from 1 to 75 are drawn at random. As a number is chosen, any player with that number can cross it off their card.

2. The first player to cross out all twenty five of their numbers yells "Bingo" and wins the game.

More detailed rules about playing Christmas Bingo Party Games can be found by clicking on our Bingo webpage.

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