Dithwai is an outdoor game popular among the children in the African country of Lesotho. It could easily be adapted to an indoor game by making a kraal with Lego or similar.

Age: All ages

No. of players: 3 to 8 players

Equipment: 10 stones or marbles for each player

Time: 10+ minutes

Aim: To have the most stones in your kraal at the end of the game.

1. To play Dithwai, each player builds a cattle kraal in the dirt. It should be about 20cm (8 inches) square and 3cm (1 inch) high. Small sticks could be used or just push the dirt up to form a fence. An African kraal is the place where cattle are kept. It is a small area with a fence around it.

2. Each player places ten stones in his kraal. These represent his cattle. The first player studies his stones carefully before saying to the others, "Let me examine my cattle." The others then answer, "Have you looked at them?"

3. The first player then covers his eyes while the other players each take one of his stones and put it in their kraals.

4. The first player then opens his eyes and tries to recognise the stones which were taken from his kraal. If he is correct he can take back his stones but if he is wrong the other player gets to keep the stones.

5. The next player continues the game.

6. The winner is the player with the most stones at the end of the game.

Source: Adapted from "Games Around the World" UNICEF New York

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