Jillora is popular traditional Australian game played by aboriginal children using a spinning ball made from sand, clay, lime and ashes rolled into a ball and then baked until it was hard.

Age: All ages

No. of players: Any number

Equipment: A large ball for each child

Time: 5-10 minutes

Aim: To make your ball spin as long as possible.

Note: Although aboriginal children made their own spinning balls baked from sand, clay, lime and ashes, you will probably find it much easier to buy suitable balls from a shop, such as those found in Boules (also known as Petanque or Bocce) sets or other heavy, smooth balls.

1. To play this game you need a smooth playing surface. It needs to be large enough that all the players can spin their balls at the same time, and at floor level rather than a table (for example). The surface should be smooth enough that the balls can spin freely, without being slowed down or bumped by an uneven surface.

2. The children line up at one end of the playing surface with their balls.

3. At a given signal each player throws their ball onto the smooth surface so that each ball is spinning on its axis. Players may use one hand or both hands if they prefer.

4. The winner is the player whose ball spins the longest.

Source: Adapted from "Yulunga Traditional Indigenous Games" by the Australian Sports Commission www.ausport.gov.au

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