Mbube Mbube

Mbube Mbube (pronounced Mboo-bay Mboo-bay) is a popular game in African countries where children are helping the lion (mbube) find and capture the impala (a southern African buck).

Age: All ages

No. of players: Large groups (6+)

Equipment: 2 blindfolds

Time: 2-3 minutes per round

Aim: To help the lion catch the impala.

1. To play this game everyone forms into a large circle.

2. Choose 2 players to be the lion and the impala.

3. Place a blindfold on each player and spin them around several times.

4. Staying inside the circle, the lion then moves around hunting for the impala. The impala can move around too.

5. The children who have formed the circle begin calling out to the lion, "Mbube, mbube". As the lion gets closer to the impala, the chanting gets louder and faster. However, if the lion moves away the chanting gets softer and slower.

6. If the lion doesn't catch the impala within 1 or 2 minutes then a new lion must be chosen. If the impala is caught by the lion then another child is chosen to be the impala.

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