Pass the Orange

Pass the Orange is a fun, noisy parlor game which is also great for parties and family re-unions. The game requires a moderately large area to play. Players divide into teams of about 6-8 players, with equal numbers and abilities for each team. Teams should have a good mixture of younger children and adults, if possible, although you can relax the rules if you have a lot of younger children (see note below.)

Age: All ages

No. of players: Large group (10 or more players)

Equipment: One orange per team

Time: 10 minutes+

Aim: To be the first team to pass the orange along the whole team.

1. Each team lines up in straight line beside the other teams. The first player in each team holds the orange with their feet. At a given signal, it must be passed to the second player using only their feet, and so on until it has moved along the whole team. Players must not use their hands or any part of their arms at any time!

2. If the orange touches the floor, it must go back to the first player to start again. However, players must still not use their hands or arms - they may need to crawl or slide on their bottoms if it has rolled under a chair, etc.

3. The first team to finish wins.

Note: Young children may find it easier if they are allowed to use their elbows (but not their hands). Teenagers and adults may find it more interesting to use their chin and neck (instead of their feet) with their hands behind their back!

Easter Variation: Pass the Egg - Use a large hollow Easter egg instead of an orange to make this an Easter party game. The trick will be to avoid breaking the Easter egg during the game. You'd better have some spares, just in case!

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