Chinese Whispers

Chinese Whispers (also known as Rumors and Broken Telephone) is a parlor game with no real winners or losers, just lots of fun. It needs no special equipment, although one adult or older child will need to organise the teams and start the whisper.

Age: 8+ (as soon as a child can hear and repeat a spoken phrase)

No. of players: As many as possible!

Equipment: None

Time: 10 minutes+

Aim: To be part of the team which repeats a cryptic phrase with the least number of errors.

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1. Players are divided into equal teams, with about 6-10 players per team. Players should sit or stand close to each other, but each team should be separated so that they cannot hear each other.

2. The organiser makes up a phrase (preferably something which makes sense but is not easy to guess, and is appropriate for the age of the players) and whispers the same phrase into the ear of the first player on each team. The message is passed on from player to player on each team but it CANNOT BE REPEATED. Players must say the message once, as clearly and accurately as possible but should avoid saying it too loudly so the other team cannot overhear.

3. The last player on each team whispers the message to the organiser, who then tells everyone the original phrase and the message after it has passed through each team. It is amazing how much it changes!

4. Points can be allocated to the team which repeats the phrase with the least number of errors, or the game can be simply played for fun.

5. A new phrase is then made up and the game continues as long as the players want to participate.

Example: Original phrase - 'The moon shines on a windswept beach near the foggy sea.'

Team A - 'Taboo shoes on a windy beach near the forty trees.'

Team B - 'Moonshine, sun and windy bees make a body free.'

Easter Rumours - Try using an Easter related phrase, such as 'Two angels clad in white asked, "Why criest thou, woman?" in the tomb void of bodies', or 'Hollow eggs at Easter mirror the premier happening on Easter morn'.
Thanksgiving Rumours - Use phrases related to Thanskgiving, such as 'Harvest feasts and plentiful pantries are indicative of faithful Thanksgiving' or 'Thank the Almighty for His bounteous blessings through joyous reunions and festal dinners'.

Have Fun!

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