Silly Sentences

Silly Sentences is a fun game for the whole family to enjoy using car registration plates.

Age: Adults and older children

No. of players: 2 or more

Equipment: None

Time: 5 minutes+

Aim: The aim is to make strange sounding sentences using certain letters.

Silly Sentences is a fun traveling game based on car registration plates. It is great for reducing the boredom of a long car trip while building stronger family relationships and better verbal skills.

1. Take the letters of the registration plate of the vehicle in front of you or of an oncoming car.

2. Make up a sentence using each letter of the registration plate in order. Ignore any numbers. The letters become the initial letter of the words in the sentence.

3. For example:

    PK-583M could be "Patty Kills Mice"
    V4-65-SB could be "Victoria Spreads Butter"
    98-CFR-2Q could be "Children Forget Rules Quickly"

4. The winner is the player who gets the most laughs!

Variation:An adult can simply choose a series of letters for the rest of the players to make a sentence, rather than looking for car registration plate letters.

Another traveling game that uses registration plates from cars is Initial It.

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