Smuggling the Geg

Smuggling the Geg is a favourite outdoor game among the children in Scotland.

Age: 8+

No. of players: 10 or more

Equipment: Geg (treasure) - choose a coin or stone

Time: 5+ minutes

Aim: To get the geg to the cave.

1. This game requires a large outdoor area, preferably with lots of trees, bushes and other places to hide. Before the game is played, draw a cave (1.8 metres by 1.2 metres, or 6 feet by 4 feet) on the ground. This area is a safe place for the Smugglers.

2. Divide the players into two teams. One team is called the Smugglers (or the 'Outs'), the other team is called the 'Ins'. Both teams must be at least 10 metres (30 feet) from the cave and from each other.

3. The Smugglers choose one of their players to hold the geg (treasure) but must not let the other team see who it is.

4. The 'Outs' call out 'Smugglers!' and then run to hide and avoid the Ins. The 'Ins' start chasing the Smugglers.

5. When a Smuggler is caught by an In, the In must place his hand upon the Smuggler's head and call out, "Deliver up the geg!" The Smuggler must stop struggling. If he does not have the geg he goes free.

6. The Smugglers are the winners if the player with the geg reaches the cave without being caught. The Ins are the winners if the geg is found before reaching the cave.

7. The teams swap over for the next game of Smuggling the Geg.

Source: Adapted from Games Around the World 4H LAL 90

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