Snap Card Game

Snap card game is a simple kids card game which young children love. Children sit around a table. An adult or older child needs to shuffle and deal the cards, and oversee the game.

Age: 3+ (as soon as a child can recognise written numbers and letters)

No. of players: 2 or more (4-8 is good)

Equipment: One standard deck of cards (remove the jokers)

Time: 10 minutes+

Aim: To be the first player to get all the cards.

1. The deck of cards is shuffled and the cards are dealt one at a time facedown in a pile in front of each player until all the cards are dealt. It doesn't particularly matter if some players get one more card than other players.

2. The first player takes the top card from their pile and, without looking at it, places it face up in the centre of the table.

3. The next player on the left then places the top card from their pile (without looking at it), face up on top of the first player's card.

4. If the number on their card matches the number on the card straight underneath it, all the players try to be the first to put their hand on the middle pile and say "Snap!" The winner is the player with their hand on the cards. If there is no match, play continues with each person until there is a match.

5. The winner takes the middle pile of cards and puts them on the bottom of their pile.

6. Play continues until one player wins all the cards. That child is the overall winner. Alternatively, you can play for a set time and the overall winner is the player with the most cards.

8♠ J♣ 2 9 3 4♣ K♠ 10 5♣ 5 "SNAP!"

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