Hockey Card Game

Hockey Card Game is based loosely on the game of hockey, where players break away before scoring a goal. It is particularly popular in Canada.

Age: Adults and older children

No. of Players: 2 players

Equipment: Standard deck of 52 cards (no jokers)

Time: 10+ minutes

Aim: To score more goals than your opponent.

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See the Glossary if you are confused about any card game terms. The Glossary will open in a new window.

1. Hockey Card Game begins with both players cutting the deck. The player with the highest card can choose whether to deal or become the first player.

2. The dealer shuffles the deck and then deals five cards to each player, one at a time. Each player looks at their cards, without letting the other player see them.

3. The first player chooses a card and places it face up on the table between the players. The opposing player tries to match the card, to form a "breakaway". For example, if Player One put down a '6', then Player Two would try to put any other '6' on it, forming a breakaway. If they have no matching card, they can play any other card.

4. Play alternates, with each player trying to match the previous card. If they can get two matches in a row (that is, create a "breakaway" and then create another match) they have scored a goal. For example;

    Player One: 4♠
    Player Two: 4 (a breakaway)
    Player One: K
    Player Two: K♠ (a GOAL!)
If a player on a breakaway does not score a goal with their next card, the breakaway has been 'intercepted'. A new breakaway will need to occur before there can be a chance to score another goal.

5. In Hockey Card Game, a player who places any Jack on the table immediately scores a breakaway.

6. Only one player at a time can have a breakaway. For example, Player One puts down a '3'. Player Two puts down a '3' and scores a breakaway. However, Player One puts down a third '3', cancelling player Two's breakaway and scoring a breakaway for themselves.

7. Once each player has played their five cards, the dealer immediately deals another five cards each and play continues. If a player was already on a breakaway, they can try for a goal from the first cards put down. Play continues for another two deals of five cards, followed by a final deal of six cards. The full set of deals (four x 5 cards and one x 6 cards) is called a 'Period'.

Hockey Card Game - example of a period

Deal 1

Player One210A67
Player Two710
(No goal)
Score: 0-0

Deal 2

Player One6♠J♠
(No goal)
Player Two6♣
Score: 0-0

Deal 3

Player OneA10♣524♣
Player TwoA♠
Score: 0-1

Deal 4

Player One8♣
Player Two8♠
(No goal)
Score: 0-2 Note: Player One immediately scored a breakaway with their first card since it matched the last card played from the third deal.

Deal 5

Player OneJ
(No goal)
Player TwoK♠7♠4Q
(No goal)
Score: 1-2

At the end of the first period, the score is 1-2. There are two more periods to the game.
Note:The breakaway at the end of the fifth deal does NOT carry on the the next period, nor can Player One score a breakaway by matching the last card played in this period (5♠). Each period is independent.

8. A full Hockey Card Game normally consists of three periods. Players swap roles for the second period, so the dealer from the first period becomes Player One, and vice-versa. Players return to their original roles for the third period. If there is a fourth period (see below) players swap back to their roles in the second period.

9. The player who scored the highest number of goals over three periods wins the game. If the scores are equal after three periods, a fourth 'tie-breaker' period is played. In the fourth period, only four cards are dealt each time (six in the last deal). The first player to score a goal wins the game. If no player scores a goal, the game is a draw.

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