Takraw is a favourite game played by children in Thailand. They use a small hollow reed ball to play this game with but any soft ball will be fine to use.

Age: 8+

No. of players: 6 to 10 players

Equipment: a small, soft ball

Time: 10+ minutes

Aim: To keep the ball in the air.

Children love to play simple games. This game can be played anywhere, using only a soft, small ball. It is suitable for children of any age who have reasonable co-ordination, although it is also good for teaching younger children better co-ordination and judging distances. It is also lots of fun, and adults will enjoy interacting and playing this game with children too.

1. To play the game, the players form a circle.

2. One player tosses the ball to another player in the circle. The idea is to keep the ball in the air by hitting it to another player using any part of the body except the hands. Players can use their head or shoulders or their knees or feet but not their hands. Their hands can only be used to start a new round.

3. If a player uses his hands (except to start a new round) or misses the ball three times he is out.

4. The winner is the player left after everyone else has been disqualified.

Alternative: This game can also be played as a non-competitive game by simply leaving out rules 3 and 4.

Source: Adapted from "Games Around the World" UNICEF New York

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