Thanksgiving Feast

Thanksgiving Feast is more of an activity than a game. It is excellent for large groups meeting for a meal as part of their Thanksgiving celebration.

Age: All ages

No. of players: Large groups

Equipment: Food (see below for requirements)

Time: 20+ minutes

Aim: To enjoy a potluck dinner or banquet as part of a Thanksgiving celebration.

Thanksgiving Feast needs everyone to bring a food beginning with the first letter of their first or last name, without telling anyone what they brought. Families can bring one meal (based on their last name) or could bring individual foods for each member of the family. One person needs to coordinate the types of food so that there is enough variation in main courses and desserts.

1. Participants should secretly put their food in one location so that no one knows who brought any particular food. The coordinator should be the only person who knows the food and the person who brought it. The dishes are then brought out to a central table at the end of the games.

2. When all the food is on the table, everyone tries to name them in alphabetical order. The coordinator can tell them if they are right or wrong.

3. Once the order of the foods is worked out, everyone tries to name the person/family who brought each dish.

4. When someone correctly identifies who brought the food, that person/family describes one thing that they are particularly thankful for. Once every food is identified with its bringer, everyone can collect a plateful of food ready for a Thanksgiving meal together.

5. As the food is eaten, try to remember what that particular family was thankful for.

Family Reunion Variation: The rules are exactly the same except that foods are based only on the bringer's first name, since many people will have the same last name!

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