Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt

Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt is a terrific idea for Thanksgiving. It is suitable for all ages, provided that younger children are under competent supervision at all times.

Age: All ages

No. of players: 2 or more

Equipment: None

Time: 20+ minutes

Aim: To gather food for needy families.

Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt is a wonderful activity to run at Thanksgiving so that you can share the blessings. Before the party, go through the food list below and modify it to suit your group, especially to add canned or non-perishable foods if it may be a few days before the food is distributed.

1. Gather everyone together and sort them into pairs or groups, so that there is a responsible adult with each group. (Depending on your location, you may need a driver for each group to transport them on their hunt.) Give a copy of the list to each group.

2. Groups have a certain time limit to collect as many of the food items on the list as possible. They should be back by a given time (example; 3 o'clock).

3. You could specify that they are only to collect them from people they know (such as church group members) although you should warn those people before that the activity is taking place so they can have some food on hand! Or you may like to define certain streets or areas for them to collect from.

4. When everyone returns with their food items, put them into one pile before taking them to a charity organisation to distribute to needy people in your area. Alternatively, your group may like to distribute them personally to people you know who would like a little extra help to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Food List

  • turkey
  • ham
  • goose
  • duck
  • venison
  • fish
  • lobster
  • clams
  • other meats
  • cranberry sauce
  • corn on the cob
  • mashed potato
  • pumpkin
  • squash
  • green beans
  • stuffing
  • gravy
  • bread rolls
  • berries
  • apples
  • grapes
  • salad
  • apple pie
  • pecan pie
  • mincemeat pie
  • pumpkin pie
  • fruit cake
  • apple cider
  • sweet tea

Christmas Variation: Choose foods that are suitable for Christmas. Include a brief note about the birth of Jesus, the reason for the Christmas celebration.

Easter Variation: The same rules apply but choose foods for Easter including Easter eggs, candy canes and hot cross buns. You may like to include a written note about the Easter Story.

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