The Poetry Game

The Poetry Game is a fun parlor game that can be played with up to ten players but is best with about four to six players.

Age: Adults and older children

No. of players: 4 to 10 players

Equipment: Pen and paper for each player

Time: 10 minutes+

Aim: To create a poem together.

The Poetry Game is a parlour game that can be played at any get-together such as Valentines Day parties, family reunions or dinner parties. Players do not need to be good at poetry.

1. Players sit around a table. Each player is given a sheet of paper and a pen or pencil.

2. Players write the first two lines of a "poem". The poem does not need to rhyme but the two lines should have a poetic rhythm. For example, writing a Valentines Day poem could start with:

    The sun was shining in the sky
    I gazed upon the azure sea

3. Players then fold their paper so the top line is hidden and pass it to the player on their left.

4. The next player adds two more lines to the poem. The new lines do not need to rhyme, either with themselves or the existing line, but the story and rhythm should match the existing line. When they have finished they fold the paper again so that only one line of the poem is showing before passing it on again to the player on their left.

5. When the poems arrive back at their original writer, players take turns to read the poems aloud, usually to much laughter and fun.

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