Travel Scavenger Hunt

Travel Scavenger Hunt is similar to the traditional scavenger hunt party game except that it is an observation game for car trips.

Age: Adults and older children

No. of players: 2 or more

Equipment: A list of thirty items

Time: 15 minutes+

Aim: The aim is to be the first player to observe all the objects on their list.

Travel Scavenger Hunt requires a little preparation. Each player needs a list of about 30 items, with every person receiving a slightly different list. Each list could have twenty-five items in common and five items that are unique.

Choose items that you know you will see on your trip. Items could include:

  • telegraph pole
  • water tank
  • brick house
  • tractor
  • aeroplane
  • horse
  • barn
  • pizza shop
  • water tower
  • windmill
  • silo
  • pushbike
  • bird
  • cow
  • man in a suit
  • fuel stop
  • fence

1. As each player sees an object on their list, they cross it off.

2. The first player to finish their list wins.

1. You may like to put together a picture list for younger children, with drawings or pictures of items.
2. Older children may enjoy a list of sounds rather than objects. For example, they have to hear a train whistle, a bird or a police siren before they can cross off that item from their list.

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