Beach Cricket

Beach Cricket is a fast paced beach game for adults and older children. It can also be played in any other outdoor area with enough room.

Age: All ages

No. of players: Large groups (4+ players)

Equipment: cricket bat, tennis ball, two markers (a hat or towel), stumps

Time: 10+ minutes

Aim: Batters try to avoid being run out or caught while everyone else tries to get them out.

Beach Cricket requires a cricket bat, tennis ball, two markers (a hat or towel) and some stumps. You could use real stumps, a chair, a bin or something similar. Set up the stumps and place one marker about 10 metres/yards away to one side of the pitch. Smooth the sand for a pitch and place another marker for the bowler about 15-20 metres/yards from the stumps. (You can vary these distances to suit the players.)

1. The batter stands in front of the stumps while the bowler bowls the ball along the pitch. (Full tosses may be needed if the ball does not bounce on the sand!)

2. If the batter hits the ball, no matter how far it travels, they must run, touch the marker with the bat and get back to the stumps to score one run. They can also run more than one lap if they have time.

3. The fielders must return the ball to the bowler who immediately bowls again, even if the batter has not completed their run.

4. The batter is out if a fielder catches the ball or the ball hits the stumps when it is bowled. (Only the bowler can hit the stumps with the ball.)

5. Change bowlers after every ten throws, and make sure everyone gets a turn at batting.

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