Freeze Tag

Freeze Tag (also known as "Stuck in the Mud", and various other names) is a variation of normal the normal Tag chasing game that suits children of all ages.

Age: All ages

No. of players: Large groups

Equipment: None

Time: 5+ minutes

Aim: To avoid being tagged

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Mark out an area for this game. Players must remain in the area and cannot cross over the boundary lines.

1. One player is chosen as "It".

2. "It chases everyone else and tries to tag them.

3. Anyone who is tagged must "freeze" (stay in one place without moving their feet) until another player can "melt" them by touching them.

4. "It" cannot remain nearer than five metres/yards to a frozen player; they must chase the other players.

5. Any player who is frozen three times becomes the new "It". If "It" can freeze all the other players they win the game and another "It" is chosen for a new game.

(i) To make the game harder, a player who is frozen cannot move unless another player touches both hands with both of their hands.
(ii) Older children may like to make it even harder by having another player crawl under their legs to melt them (A player is safe while they are under a frozen player's legs).

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