Three Strikes

Three Strikes is a boisterous game for children who are confident in water.

Age: Adults and older children (confident swimmers)

No. of players: Four or more

Equipment: Beach ball; swimming pool

Time: 5 minutes+

Aim: To be the last player out.

This outdoor game suits those hot summer days when children just want to spend all day in a swimming pool.

1. All players choose a number and form a circle in the water (one number per player).

2. Number one stands in the middle of the circle with a beach ball. She throws the ball in the air and calls out the number of any other player (for example, "Number 4"). Player number 4 swims to the ball while the other players spread out as far as possible.

3. When player 4 gets the ball, he says "Stop!" and all the other players must stand still. Player 4 throws the ball gently at another player.

4. If the ball hits them, that player has one strike. (Three strikes and a player is out.)

5. Players move back to the centre and player 4 throws the ball in the air while calling another player's number. The game continues until only one player is left.

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