Family Reunion Scavenger Hunt

Family Reunion Scavenger Hunt is a fun hunting game which involves children and adults.

Age: All ages

No. of players: Large groups

Equipment: a pencil or pen per player, one copy of the scavenger hunt list per team (see below), one plastic zipper storage bag (Ziploc® or similar) per team to hold the items

Time: 15+ minutes

Aim: To be the first team to collect all the items on the list.

Family Reunion Scavenger Hunt requires each team to have a copy of the Scavenger Hunt List (below or click here for a printable copy) and a pen/pencil as well as a resealable bag to collect the items.

1. Divide the players into teams with 3, 4 or 5 players in each team.

2. Players ask for the items on the list among the adults of the group.

3. On the word, "Go", players are given 10 minutes to collect all of the items. They must not ask the same adult for more than one item at a time. Any signatures that must be collected can be signed on the hunting list.

4. The winner is the first team to collect all of the items on the Scavenger Hunt list or, if all the items cannot be obtained, the team with the greatest number of items.

NOTE: Make sure you return all the items to the correct people when the game is finished.

Family Reunion Scavenger Hunt List
(Click here for a PDF copy)

  • 1 x strand grey hair
  • 1 x ticket stub (for example, train or movie ticket)
  • 1 x old wrapper (for example, candy or gum)
  • 1 x coin minted during the 1980s
  • 1 x male's sock (write down who you got it from) ______________________
  • 1 x clean tissue
  • 1 x lipstick kiss (collect on a tissue or piece of paper - collect signature of person) ____________________________________
  • 1 x photo (write down who you got it from) ___________________________
  • The signature of the oldest male ___________________________________
  • The signature of the oldest female _________________________________
  • 1 x strand of 'dyed' hair
  • Something red
  • 1 x ice block stick
  • 1 x lady's scarf or necktie (write down who you got it from) _____________
  • 1 x man's belt
  • 1 x pen (write down who you got it from) __________________
  • An unusual key ring
  • A female's sandal or shoe ________________________________

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