Easter Scavenger Hunt

An Easter Scavenger Hunt is a great activity for families, Sunday Schools or youth groups to participate in. This game makes an ideal activity to go with a lesson on the meaning of Easter.

Age: All ages

No. of players: Any number

Equipment: A copy of the list for each person or group (see below); pens or pencils; bags to hold the items as they are collected; 3 pieces of kitchen paper towel per group or person; extra string and scissors for the three tasks

Time: 20+ minutes

Aim: To collect all the items on the Easter Scavenger Hunt list.

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1. Each item on the Easter Scavenger Hunt List has special significance and represents one aspect of the Easter story. Before going on the hunt familiarise the children with the Easter story starting from the Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem and going through to the Resurrection on Sunday morning. You can find the story in the book of Matthew starting from chapter 21 until the end of chapter 27.

2. Give each child or team of children one large plastic bag for them to collect their items. They will also need a pen or pencil to tick off the items and 3 pieces of kitchen paper towel. Explain to the teams that they must collect 3 items on the paper towels:

    Item 1: Perfume - ask someone to dip the paper towel into some perfume.
    Item 2: Vinegar - ask someone to dip the paper towel into some vinegar.
    Item 3: A kiss - ask someone to put on lipstick and 'kiss' the kitchen paper so that there is a definite kiss showing.

3. When the children return from their hunt, have them complete three simple little tasks. Then ask the children if they can figure out what each of the items represent from the Easter story. The three tasks:

    Task 1: Tie knots down the length of the piece of collected string.
    Task 2: Use the extra string to make the matchsticks into a cross.
    Task 3: Cut one of the straws shorter than the others.

The Easter Scavenger Hunt list is written below. However, a free PDF copy is available to print which has all the items listed as a checklist. It also has a separate sheet which names the significance of each item and where it is found in the Bible.

Easter Scavenger Hunt List

    1. A small branch with leaves
    2. A small square of kitchen paper DIPPED in perfume
    3. Three small silver colored coins
    4. A piece of bread
    5. A flower
    6. A disposable plastic cup
    7. A lipsticked 'kiss' on kitchen paper
    8. Ask someone to wash their hands and then collect their signature here.
    9. A piece of string
    10.A small piece of red or purple cloth
    11. A small branch with thorns on it (eg, from a rose bush)
    12. 2 matchsticks or toothpicks
    13. 4 plastic drinking straws
    14. Something black, for example: a piece of black paper or cloth
    15. A small square of kitchen paper DIPPED in vinegar
    16. 5 small rocks
    17. A piece of white cloth
    18. A round stone
    19. A feather
    20. A hollow Easter egg

Click here for a PDF copy of the Easter Scavenger Hunt Checklist

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