Water Bomb Toss

Water Bomb Toss is a wonderful team game for parties or picnics on a hot summer day. Make sure players don't mind getting wet!

Age: All ages

No. of players: Any number

Equipment: Lots of water bombs (balloons partly filled with water until they are about the size of a tennis ball); two buckets for each team (to hold the water bombs); two ropes (or similar) to mark lines

Time: 10+ minutes

Aim: To be on the team who catches the most water bombs.

Water Bomb Toss is a marvellous excuse to get wet, although it is not compulsory. Each team will require a bucket with an equal number of water bombs.

1. Mark two lines on the ground about five metres (16 feet) apart.

2. Players should be separated into two or more teams. Teams line up behind one of the ropes.

3. One player (the best thrower) from each team moves to the other rope, opposite their team, next to a bucket of water bombs.

4. On a given signal, the throwers throw a water bomb to the first player in their team, who attempts to catch it. If successful they gently place it into a bucket next to them.

5. The catcher moves to the back of the line (whether they caught the balloon or not) and the next person on their team tries to catch the next balloon thrown.

6. Once all the bombs have been thrown, a judge counts the number of balloons successfully caught and placed in the bucket.

Variation: The catcher can move to the other line and become the new thrower while the original thrower moves to the back of the team.

Optional: If they are not already wet enough, the teams can have a water bomb fight when they have finished the game.

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