7 Benefits of a Family Games Night

There are many activities that can help a family grow closer together. A regular family games night, where all the family sits around the table to play games after the evening meal or for a lazy afternoon, is one way to provide this interaction. Here are 7 benefits of a family games night.

1 Inexpensive: There are hundreds of card games your family can play with only one standard pack of cards. You could play a different game every week for a year, all for only a few dollars. Dice games are also dirt cheap while word games are totally free. What a bargain!

2 Suitable for all ages: Some games are suitable for young children. Many are great for adults or older children. There are also thousands of games for everyone to play together, from grandparents to infants. No one need miss out simply because of their age.

3 Does not discriminate against physical disabilities: Your physical skill level does not matter. Anyone can join in, as long as your brain is still working. You can even move the game into a sickroom or other location so no one misses out.

4 Both educational and entertaining: How often do children get bored with so-called educational toys? With a games night, they can unwittingly learn how to recognise letters or numbers, learn how to count, and increase their geography, history and other skills (depending on the game) while they think they are having fun.

5 Provides varied entertainment: There are so many different types of activities that can be played, from card and dice games to board games (both commercial and free), parlor games, tile/domino games, pen and paper games and word games. No need to be bored playing the same game each week, unless you want to!

6 Provides room for wonderful family interactions: There is time for talking, sharing and caring as the night proceeds. Laughter and even tears abound as some players win and some don't.

7 Builds strong character: Children (and adults) learn how to win gracefully and lose graciously. They learn to put others first when they decide to enjoy the game rather than just trying to win all the time. Winners and losers (and every other player) cooperating so everyone has a delightful experience.

Given the 7 benefits of a family games night listed above, a regular family games night should be high on every parent's agenda for building a happy and healthy family.

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