Volleyball Set Review

Volleyball is one of the easiest and most fun outdoor games
for families of all ages. This volleyball set review tells you
what to look for when buying a volleyball set.

Photo of Tournament Flex 100 Volleyball Set
Volleyball is one of those outdoor activities that just about everyone loves to get involved with. Whether it's at the beach or park, or whether it's for a family reunion or youth group activity, volleyball seems to be one of those sports that draws people to play.

I remember many a summer afternoon at college where we would spend an hour or so after the evening meal playing volleyball, often without a lot of skill but always with heaps of fun. Weekend camps and various social get-togethers are also filled with memories of volleyball games.

You don't need much room to put up a volleyball net, and you can be flexible with the rules to accommodate players of differing skill levels. Young children to grandparents can join in the game. School children in Australia often play a variation of volleyball called Newcombe Ball that has simplified rules (players catch and throw the ball rather than hitting it) to make it even easier for anyone to play.

We ran a boys club a few years ago and bought a cheap volleyball set as part of the physical activity section of the program. However, it wasn't long before the plastic poles cracked, and we could never get the net tight enough so that the ball would rebound off it properly. It was another case of "You Get What You Pay For". Sure, it worked for a few weeks but it ended up being poor value since it needed to be thrown away soon afterward. It was also much smaller than a regulation net which limited the number of people who could play at one time.

A good volleyball set should be easy to set up (otherwise it becomes too much trouble and no one bothers after a while) and should be strong enough to last for many years. The poles should preferably be made of metal - aluminium is great if it is sufficiently thick since it is light enough to be easily transported. A bonus is if the poles are adjustable to different heights for different players (the official regulations are 7' 11 5/8" (2.43 m) for men and 7' 4 1/8" (2.24 m) for women, measured at the centre of the net, but you can play at whatever height suits you if you are just playing for fun).

Photo of children playing volleyballThe net itself should be well constructed, with wide tapes top and bottom that are easy to see (yellow is a good colour), and strong pockets or tabs on the sides to attach to the poles. The guy ropes used to support the poles and tension the net should be long enough to extend at a 45 degree angle and a bright colour to make them more visible. The ground anchors for the ropes must be strong and secure, and the adjusters for the net tension should be easy to adjust without slipping during the game. Note: You may need different anchors for beach volleyball since normal steel spikes are not thick enough to resist the net tension in sand and can easily pull out. You can purchase ready-made ones or make your own from thick plastic plates about 1 foot square (30 cm x 30 cm) with a hole in the middle. You could use the spike to hold the rope through the hole and then bury the plate in the sand to give enough surface area not to pull out when the rope is tensioned. The net should be adjusted so that the edges are no more than 3/4" (19 mm) higher than the middle. With this tension, the ball should be able to bounce off the net cleanly.

If your volleyball set comes with a ball, make sure it is the regulation size (65-67 cm (25.6"-26.4") circumference and 260-280 grams (9.1-9.8 oz) weight). A ball pump for inflating the ball is a very useful part of the set. Some sets also include badminton racquets and shuttlecocks, although these are optional. Another useful addition is a pre-measured rope or tape that sets out the size of the court, ready to be pegged to the ground.

The Park & Sun Tournament Flex 1000 Volleyball Set from Amazon ticks all the right boxes for specifications. It is easily transported and erected, as well as being strong enough to cope with years of fun. The company has been producing professional volleyball equipment for over 25 years and their service is great, so you can buy from them with confidence. They produce a range of nets, from their Pro series (such as the TS-CL Spectrum Classic Volleyball Set) to the portable Tournament series (like the Tournament Flex 1000 Volleyball Set) as well as Badminton equipment (for example, the Badminton Pro Set).

A good volleyball set is an excellent investment for years of family fun and outdoor activity. Your kids will enjoy it so much that they won't even think of all the exercise and fresh air they are getting. And your family and friends will want to play it again and again.

Photo of Tournament Flex 100 Volleyball Set
Park & Sun
Tournament Flex 1000
Volleyball Set
Photo of Spectrum Classic Volleyball Set
Park & Sun
TS-CL Spectrum Classic
Volleyball Set
Photo of Badminton Pro Set
Park & Sun
Badminton Pro Set

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