Search The Things

by Mithun

Search the Things is a quick and easy outdoor party game for any age and any number of people.
Age: All ages
No. of players: Large groups
Equipment: None
Time: 10 minutes+
Aim: To be the team with the most points.

1. All the people will be divided into two teams. There should be a Team Leader for each team. There should be an Instructor to organize the game.
2.Each team should stand on the each side of the Instructor (one team on the left and the other team on the right).
3. The Instructor should say a name of a thing that is available in the very surroundings of the play area.
4. The teams have one minute to bring the maximum number of the named things.
5. Each team will score one point for each thing they bring.
6. The team who has the highest score at the end of the game (after ten different things have been found, or when the Instructor says the game ends) will be declared as the winners.

1. The things brought by the team members first should be handed over to their respective Team Leader and then the Team Leader should give it to the Instructor or else it will be considered as a foul.
2. The Team Leaders of the teams should not run in search of the things.
3. Points will not be given if a team member directly gives the thing to the Instructor.
4. Instructor should make sure that the things are perfectly available in the surroundings.
Examples for things such as: a piece of brick, a ring of a woman, left shoe etc.

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