Six Best Christmas Games for Groups

Christmas! A time to remember the birth of Jesus, while we enjoy special times with our families and friends, eat too much good food and attend seemingly endless parties. Although it is a time of special joy, it can also be a high stress time. One of these stresses may be the arranging of an office, club or church Christmas party. Here are six best Christmas games for groups that will make your job a little easier.

The first of our six best Christmas games for groups is an ice-breaker game, where people can be introduced to one another and start to enjoy the party. "All I Want for Christmas" is an example, where everyone is seated in a circle. One player begins by saying, 'My name is ... All I want for Christmas is ...' They can complete the sentence with a real or imaginary gift they want. The player on their left repeats the first player's name and gift and then adds their own comment by saying, 'All (name of first player) wants is ... My name is ... All I want for Christmas is ...' This continues with each player around the circle. Anyone who cannot repeat the list of each player's name and gift is out. Once the list gets to about 10-12 names, you may like to start the list again to make the game easier.

Many Christmas group parties include a time to exchange gifts, where everyone brings a gift to a certain value (say $5). Although you could use a simple raffle, it is much more fun to make it into a game. "Left Right Christmas Game" is one example of a fun Christmas gift exchange game. Players sit in a circle with a gift on their lap. The games leader reads a story. Whenever the word 'Left' is spoken, players pass the gift to the left and vice-versa when the word 'Right' is said. At the end of the story, players open the gift.

If you are looking for an active Christmas game for groups, try "Balloon Relay". Two teams are lined up at one end of the room. One team has a green balloon and a wooden ruler while the other team has a red balloon and ruler. Players from each team must bat the balloon to the other end of the room and back using only the wooden rulers in a relay.

If your party includes younger children, they may enjoy "Christmas Card Hunt". Each child is given the top half of an old Christmas card, with the matching halves scattered around the room. The first child to find three complete, matching cards wins.

How good is your knowledge of Christmas carols? Try one of our team Christmas carol games. One example has a player from one of the teams given the name of a carol. He has one minute to draw a picture so the rest of the team can name and sing the first verse of the carol.

The last of our six best Christmas games for groups is "All Tied Up", one of the best active, team-based group games. Both teams form separate circles and are given a ball of twine (preferably; one red, one green). The first player wraps the twine around their waist and passes the ball to the next player who wraps it once around their waist, and so on. The first team to wrap themselves completely in the ball of twine wins.

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