The Easter Story

The Easter Story is the most powerful story in history as Almighty God sent His Son Jesus to die in our place so we might live with Him for ever. Many people know the basics of the story; Jesus died on a Roman cross around two thousand years ago and three days later rose to life again.

Other aspects of the story may also be familiar, such as the crown of thorns and the angels at the empty tomb. Yet the reason for this event may not be clear, especially why He had to die in the first place. Read below for the rest of this amazing story.

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The EasterStoryThe Easter Story actually starts at the beginning of time. God made the universe and everything in it, including the first two human beings Adam and his wife, Eve. The world was perfect - there was no pain, sickness or death. It was paradise on earth.

One of the best parts of their life was that Adam and Eve could walk around and talk directly with God. Although that may sound boring, it was what we had been created to be - the only creatures in the entire universe who could have a personal and intimate relationship with the almighty and sovereign Creator. Life was idyllic, life was superb.

God could have made Adam and Eve like robots who would respond to His every command, but He made them so that they could respond lovingly and willingly. To do this, He made them with a free will, so that their obedience would be an expression of their love to Him. Their free will gave them the opportunity to disobey but for some time they chose to love God.

Then one day Satan came to them and tempted them with deceiving words. He said that God did not really love them, and that they could become like God if they chose to run lives their own way rather than obeying Him. Adam and Eve listened to Satan and chose to disobey God. Immediately they realised they had been deceived but by then it was too late.

"As well as being a GOD of LOVE, He is also absolutely PURE and HOLY."
As well as being a God of love, He is also absolutely pure and holy. Adam and Eve were now sinners and their sin meant they were no longer perfect and could not be in the same relationship with God. They were banished from their perfect garden and had to face the harsh realities of a world without God's presence.

Their rebellion against God also had eternal consequences. Before their sin, they had the ability to live forever with God. After their fall, they faced physical death and everlasting life without God - a life in Hell.

Adam and Eve had children who inherited the same sinful nature - a desire to rule their own lives rather than living according to God's commands. Everyone on the earth has also inherited that same desire, and its consequences. We try to live life by our own rules and we too face death and eternal condemnation. This is the bad news of the Easter Story.

Some people try to live good lives, to overcome their bad deeds with enough good deeds that God will let them into heaven. Even this is living according to our own rules, since God's pass mark is 100%. Even one sin is enough to condemn us to Hell. If that sounds harsh, then consider the holiness of God. In His eyes, hating someone is as bad as murder, and looking at someone with lust is as bad as adultery. Everyone of us has sinned and fallen short of His standards. If YOU have ever told a lie then you are a liar; if you have lusted after someone you are an adulterer; if you have hated someone you are a murderer. Indeed, our rebellion is so great that there is no way we can EVER repay our sin.

But God in His holiness is still a God of love. Even though we rebel against Him, He loves us enough to provide a way of escape from our sin.

This is the good news of the Easter Story. God sent His Son, Jesus, to live on this earth as a man. Even though He was a good teacher and a wonderful example for us, His primary purpose was to die in our place, taking the punishment we deserve for our sin and giving us eternal life instead. Jesus was condemned by the Jews and Romans to die on a cross, but it was our sin that really placed Him there. Again, if that sounds harsh, then consider that there was nothing that we could do to save ourselves, but God loved us enough to send Jesus to die for us. That is really incredible love!

Although Jesus carried our sins on the cross, He had never committed any sin Himself. That meant that He was innocent and did not deserve to die, so that after bearing our sins on the cross and dying for us, He was able to rise again three days later. His resurrection proved that His death had paid fully for our sins.

"Acknowledge that YOU are a REBEL
Thank God for the SACRIFICIAL death of JESUS"
So what does that mean to YOU? You must acknowledge that you are a rebel against God and have been trying to live life by your own rules. Tell God that you are a sinner and that you know you cannot pay for your sins. Thank Him for the sacrificial death of Jesus, that He paid fully for all your sin; past, present and future. Ask Him to teach you and help you live according to His rules, as His Holy Spirit dwells in you to comfort and guide you.

If you have prayed to God, then you are now a child of God. Get hold of a Bible and start reading it, since it is God's word and He wants to talk with you through it and through prayer. Find a church that teaches the truth according to His word and attend as often as you can so you can learn more about Him and how He wants you to live. If you cannot attend a local church, there are many great talks about God on the internet. Ask Him to help you to grow in your new relationship with Him. Welcome to eternal life - the way God made us to live!

For more information and resources to help with your journey to God, check out the following links.

If you have more questions, you can contact me or search the internet for specific answers. May God bless you as you seek Him.

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