Golf Card Game

Golf Card Game is a one player card game. The aim is to remove all the cards from the tableau and achieve the lowest score for each round.

Age: Adults and older children

No. of Players: One player

Equipment: One deck of standard cards

Time: 10+ minutes

Aim: To remove all the cards from the tableau.

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(See the Glossary if you are confused about any card game terms. The Glossary will open in a new window.)

1. Remove any jokers from the deck of cards. Aces are low, Kings are high.

2. Set up the tableau for Golf Card Game by shuffling the deck and laying out a row of seven cards face up. Lay four more rows (face-up) on the first row so there are five rows of seven cards (thirty five cards in total) with all of them visible.

Setup for Golf Card Game

3. Place the first of the remaining cards in your hand face up on the table to start the "Talon". If any of the cards at the bottom of each column is in sequence (either up or down) with the top card of the talon, it may be removed from the tableau to the talon. If any other cards in the tableau match the new top card of the talon (again, either up or down) they may also be moved to the talon. For example in the diagram above, if the first card from your hand was A♠, you could then move the following cards from the tableau to the talon:

    2    3    4♠    5♣    4♣ (since it was uncovered when the 3 was moved), and finally 5

This is actually a fairly good run. Normally, you may be able to move only 1 to 3 cards, if that.

4. A sequence on the talon can run up and/or down. A run of "2, A, 2" is acceptable but a King will always finish the run so you cannot have "Q, K, Q".

5. You should plan your moves in order to remove as many cards from the tableau in one run as possible. However, you may need to leave some Jacks or Queens to prevent a King from killing a run.

6. Once you have finished moving as many cards as possible in a sequence, place the next card from your hand onto the talon and repeat the process (if possible). The game ends when the last card is played from the hand and any cards removed from the tableau.

7. The aim of Golf Card Game is to get rid of all the cards from the tableau. The number of remaining cards is your score for that round. Just as in the real game of golf, the lower your score, the better.

Golf Card Game can also be played as a multi-player game. Each player uses their own deck of cards and plays according to the rules above. At the end of each "hole", compare scores. Alternatively, you could play nine or eighteen "holes" and find the cumulative score. In this case, if a player manages to get rid of all the cards in their tableau, any remaining cards in their hand are subtracted from their overall score.

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