Good Day Garry

Good Day Garry is a fun parlor game for groups of five or more players. It requires a good memory and quick wits.

Age: Adults and older children

No. of players: Large groups

Equipment: None

Time: 5 minutes+

Aim: To be the last two players left in the game.

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Good Day Garry is even more fun if you try it with an Australian accent - "G'day Garry". Everyone stands or sits in a circle. All players (male and female) start with the name Garry, but this changes throughout the game.

1. Player One turns to Player Two on his left and says, "G'day Garry". Player Two replies, "G'day Garry".

2. Player One, referring to Player Three, then says, "Say G'day to Garry for me".

3. Player Two then repeats steps 1 and 2 in a conversation with Player Three.

4. This continues around the circle. However, if someone makes a mistake, that player's name changes to Larry. Any further mistakes see a name change to Harry, then Bob and finally they are out on their fourth mistake. That is, Garry to Larry to Harry to Bob, then out.

5. Players must remember the name of the player on their right and the names of the two players on their left. If any of those players get out, then they must remember the name of the next player around the circle.

seating for Good Day Garry

As an example in the game above after a few rounds...

    Player 3 (to Player 4): "G'day Larry"
    Player 4 (to Player 3): "G'day Garry"
    Player 3 (to Player 4, referring to Player 5): "Say G'day to Bob for me"
    Player 4 (to Player 5): "G'day Bob"
    Player 5 (to Player 4): "G'day Garry"
Since Player 4 is named Larry, Player 5 is out. Player 4 restarts the conversation with Player 6.
    Player 4 to Player 6: "G'day Larry"
    Player 6 to Player 4: "G'day Larry"
    Player 4 (to Player 6, referring to Player 1): "Say G'day to Larry for me"
Player 1 is actually named Harry, so Player 4 made a mistake and would change name from Larry to Harry. Since Player 5 (Bob) made a mistake and is out of the game, the conversation for the following round (assuming no one else made a mistake) would be:
    Player 3 (to Player 4): "G'day Harry"
    Player 4 (to Player 3): "G'day Garry"
    Player 3 (to Player 4, now referring to Player 6): "Say G'day to Larry for me"

6. The winners of Good Day Garry are the last two players left in the game.

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