I Packed My Bag

I Packed My Bag is an easy game that is great for children and those adults who still have a good memory!

Age: Adults and older children

No. of players: Large groups

Equipment: None

Time: 5 minutes+

Aim: To remember a growing list of objects that have been packed into an imaginary bag

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This game can be easily adapted to suit any special occasion (such as Valentines Day) by making all the objects appropriate to the occasion.

1. Player One starts by saying, "I packed my bag."

2. The next player repeats the phrase and includes an item (starting with the letter A) they pack in the bag.

3. Player Three repeats the phrase and Player Two's item before they add another item starting with the letter B.

4. The rest of the players take turns, repeating the phrase and all the items that have been added to the bag before they add their own item (with successive letters of the alphabet) to the bag.

5. Any player who misses an item or gets them out of order or who takes too long to repeat the list is out for that round. Play continues until one player wins the round.

6. The game can continue for as many rounds as desired.

Option 1: Players are not allowed to repeat the same objects as previous rounds. For example, if an Apple was added to the bag in a previous round, players are not allowed to include an apple in any subsequent rounds but must choose another item starting with A.

Option 2: To make it easier for children, the items added to the bag do not need to be in alphabetical order.

Option 3: To make the game harder, the items can have extra descriptions. For example for the letter S, "I packed my bag and put eight blue socks in it."

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