Murals is a blindfold game which will create hilarious fun as you watch the contestants trying to draw beautiful masterpieces while blindfolded. A great game for birthday parties, family reunions, Easter of Christmas parties or for playing at home with your family.

Age: Adults and older children

No. of players: Any number

Equipment: Large sheets of paper to draw on; a crayon or pencil; a blindfold; timer

Time: Approximately 10 minutes

Aim: To win the drawing competition.

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1. Preparation: Cut out and pin up large pieces of paper for drawing on. You will need one for each player.

2. One at a time, each player is blindfolded, given a crayon or colouring pencil, and asked to draw a picture on the piece of paper. The other players can choose the subject, or a subject can be chosen that fits into the theme of the party. For example, you may choose an bunny for your children to draw if it's an Easter party. They may be asked to draw Santa if it's a Christmas party. Other good subjects are a house, ship, person, dog, cat, mouse or any other animal.

3. Each player has one minute to draw their masterpiece. Make sure they find the paper first or you may have beautiful drawings all over your walls! They need to find the edges of their paper.

4. When all the pictures are finished choose one adult to be the judge or all the audience together can act as judges.

Family Games Ebooks

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