Pebble Chase

Pebble Chase is a favourite game among the boys and girls in Greece.

Age: 7+

No. of players: 10 or more

Equipment: A pebble

Time: 5+ minutes

Aim: To avoid being caught.

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1. Before the game is played, choose a marker (a tree, rock or fence) approximately 20 metres (60 feet) away.

2. Choose one player to be the leader. He places the pebble in his hand.

3. The remaining players line up side by side holding out their hands with their palms together to form a cup.

4. The leaders walk down the line of players and pretends to drop the pebble into each players' hand.

5. When the leader actually does drop the pebble into a player's hand, the player must run to the chosen marker, run back again and place the pebble back into leader's hand.

6. All the other players chase after the runner. If a player catches the runner before she returns the pebble, that player then becomes the new leader.

7. If the runner succeeds in returning the pebble she becomes the new leader.

Source: Adapted from Games Around the World 4H LAL 90

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