Queimada is a favourite South American game from the country of Brazil. Players form two teams.

Age: All ages

No. of players: Large groups (8+)

Equipment: A soccer ball or basketball

Time: 15+ minutes

Aim: To avoid being touched by the ball.

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You will need to mark out a court to play in (about 10 metres by 20 metres, or 10 yards by 20 yards - the exact size doesn't matter). At each end of the court set aside an area (2 metres by 10 metres) to be the 'cemetery'. The remainder of the court is called the 'field'. Mark the middle of the court. Teams stay on their respective sides of the court.

Queimada court

1. To play Queimada players form into two teams. One player from each team is in the cemetery. The remaining players are in the field. The players' field is in the opposite end of the court to their cemetery.

2. Toss a coin to decide which team starts the game.

3. The player in the cemetery begins the game by throwing the ball to his team members on the opposite end of the court. They have to catch the ball and then throw it and try to hit the other team. If someone from the opposite team is touched by the ball he dies and goes to his cemetery.

4. If the ball goes out of the marked boundary then play goes to the opposite team.

5. The game is over when all 'living people' from one team die and go to the cemetery.

6. A new game can start with different teams and with different players in the cemetery at the beginning of the game.

Source: Adapted from www.topics-mag.com

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