The Memory Game

Test your powers of observation with The Memory Game, also known as Memory Test and Kim's Game. This is a fun indoor game for family nights, birthday parties, family reunions and holiday get togethers.

Age: All ages

No. of players: Any number

Equipment: A tray with approximately 20 small objects; cloth to cover tray; pens; paper

Time: 10+ minutes

Aim: To remember and write down all of the objects on the tray.

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1. Preparation: Put about 20 small objects on a tray and cover them with a cloth until you are ready to play the game. For younger children, use ten objects.

2. Uncover the objects and give the players three minutes to try and memorise the objects on the tray.

3. At the end of three minutes cover the tray. Give each player a pen and a piece of paper. Give them one or two minutes in which to write down all of the objects that they can remember.

4. The winner of The Memory Game is the player who correctly remembers the most objects.


Family Reunion Variation: If you are having a Family Reunion, then collect a small object from each person or family (depending on how many people you have) to put on the tray. Not only do the players have to remember the objects on the tray but they gain extra points if they can correctly identify the owners of the objects.

Easter Variation: Use objects which represent the symbols of Easter and spring. For example: a variety of different coloured Easter eggs, a stone, normal egg, hot cross bun, small tree branch, small cross, Bible, bottle of perfume, coins, white handkerchief, flowers, plush toys (bunny, bird, chicks), pot plant.

Christmas Variation: Use an assortment of Christmas decorations. For example: small Christmas tree, star, angel, candy cane, animals from Nativity scene, baby doll, piece of Christmas cake, etc.

Thanksgiving Variation: Use an assortment of objects focusing on Thanksgiving. For example: Bible, corn cob, piece of pumpkin pie, small sweet potato, fall/autumn leaf, yam, toy turkey, potato, onion, cranberries, etc.

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