Winking is an active party game that is fun for teenagers and adults alike. Play it for Valentine's Day or any family or group gathering.

Age: Adults and older children

No. of players: Large groups (9 or more)

Equipment: None

Time: 5 minutes+

Aim: Girls try to escape from their captor while boys try to hold them captive.

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This fun parlor game can be played with any odd-numbered group of players.
Note: For the purpose of this description, it is assumed that Team A is girls and
Team B is boys (with one extra boy compared to the number of girls) but this game works for any combination of players, young or old.

1. Form a circle of chairs facing inwards, with enough chairs for each player in Team A plus one extra chair. For example, if there are twenty one players in total (ten players on Team A and eleven players on Team B) you will need eleven chairs in the circle.

2. The girls (Team A) sit on the chairs, with one chair vacant. The boys (Team B) stand behind the chairs (including behind the vacant chair). Players on Team B clasp their hands behind their backs. Team B players cannot move their hands from behind their backs unless the girl in front of them tries to escape (see Step 3).

3. The player behind the vacant chair winks at one of the girls, who immediately attempts to run to the vacant chair. The boy standing behind her tries to prevent her escape by taking his hands from behind his back and putting them on her shoulders to hold her (gently) in her chair. He cannot move his body from behind the chair though.

4. If he succeeds in preventing her escape, she remains in her chair and the original Winker then tries to capture another girl (or the same girl again).

5. If he did not succeed in holding her captive, he becomes the new Winker and tries to capture any of the players on Team A.

6. The game continues as long as players want to play. Pairs of players can enter or leave the game at any time, and teams may swap places if desired at an appropriate time, as long as there remains one extra player on Team B.

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