Easter Coloring Pages

Easter Egg color-by-number

These enchanting Easter coloring pages of bunnies,
eggs and baskets and much more
will delight every child.
Use our free Easter coloring pages for
home, school, churches
and kids clubs.

Just about every young child child enjoys the experience of coloring a picture. It's a peaceful and relaxing activity which helps develop creativity as well as many other cognitive functions. Some children will spend hours coloring and won't miss the tiniest detail.

Coloring is a quick and easy activity to give to a child, simply to slow him down after a busy day of running to and fro. If a child is joined by a friend or a sibling then it's a fantastic activity to stimulate healthy and friendly conversation. I love listening to my two girls talk while they spend time coloring together. Their chatter is always gentle and encouraging. All quarrels are forgotten and their time is spent on concentrating on their beautiful masterpieces.

Coloring is also an excellent tool to help your child with their pre-writing skills. There are big advantages in learning to color in neatly and to stay within the lines.

Your children may have particular things they enjoy coloring in. Most young children love coloring cute little baby animals such as kittens and bunnies and other farm animals. What do your children enjoy coloring in?

When I showed my girls the gorgeous pictures of Easter bunnies that my friend Stacey drew they begged me to make copies for them to color. They then spent ages doing their best coloring in and showing off their art work to whoever happened to walk by.

I'm sure your children will enjoy these delightful Easter coloring pages too. There are so many different ways to color besides using colored pencils. Why don't you provide your children with the following different mediums to use.

Suggestions for Coloring

  • Use colored pencils and color neatly within the lines.
  • Use colored pencils and the smudging technique - color heavily on a seperate piece of paper and then rub the paper over the area to be colored.
  • Use watercolor pencils where you color in the picture and then use a thin paint brush and paint the area lightly with water.
  • After you have colored your picture use glitter glue to go over the top of certain parts.
  • Use different tones of one color - for example, use different shades of brown to color in the Easter bunny.
  • Use coloured chalk.
  • Use crayons.
  • Use paints.
  • Use felt-tip marker pens.
  • After you have colored in your picture with your chosen medium, cut it out carefully, paste it on cardboard, and create a scene around your picture. For example, you could place your bunny in a spring garden with lots of flowers, butterflies, baby animals, etc.

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Printable Easter Coloring Pages

All of our coloring pictures are free for you to download and print. Just click on the links below and you will be taken to a page with drawings for you to choose and print.

    Easter Coloring Pictures - On this Easter coloring page you will find an assortment of delightful pictures to inspire your young artist.

    Coloring Pages of Easter Bunnies - The Easter bunnies on this page are the cutes you will find. They are so adorable your child will wish that they were real.

    Easter Egg Coloring Pages - Your children will have fun using their imaginations to decorate colorful Easter eggs with these inspiring coloring pages.

Click here for more free Easter coloring pages.

We hope you have enjoyed our coloring pages that have been designed especially for Easter. Click on the link for more Easter Games for Kids. We'd love you to visit Family Games Treasurehouse again and enjoy the rest of our games.

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