Easter Egg Games

Free Easter egg games are fun for everyone.
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Enjoy Easter egg games, Easter hunts and more energetic
Easter games for kids to celebrate this holiday season.

Spring has arrived (or autumn if you live 'down under') and with it comes the time to celebrate Easter - that extraordinary event that happened two thousand years ago. What extraordinary event was that you ask? Click here to find out all about it!

It's time to start thinking of ways to celebrate Easter. Maybe your family enjoys a traditional Easter egg hunt or playing other special games to make this a memorable time for the whole family.

Children thrive on traditions. Repeating an event year after year with the same familiar people is something that they look forward to. It also creates a sense of safety and belonging.

When families make the effort to do things together they are creating bonds that will last a lifetime. And make sure that you record these wonderful memories. Take lots of photos!

If you're looking for a new variety of Easter games to play with your family or a group of friends, then you have arrived at the right place. Our website has an incredible range for you to choose from.

This page focuses on games that specifically uses Easter eggs as part of the game. Some of our other pages have Easter egg hunts as well as some brilliant party games to choose from. Scroll down to the end of the page for links to our other games and printables.

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Easter Egg Games

All of our games are free for you to download and print. Just click on the highlighted game of your choice below and you will be taken to a page with full instructions on how to play the game. Most of these games can be played, or adapted to, indoors or outdoors. Some games are specially chosen Easter variations of other games. Click on the links and then search for the Easter variation after the description of the game rules.

    Don't Walk on the Egg - enjoy a fun blindfolded obstacle walk (Easter variation of Blindfold Obstacle Walk)

    Hunt the Egg - an amusing indoor Easter egg game to play with a small group (Easter variation of Hunt the Thimble)

    Hot Easter Egg - an Easter variation of "Hot Potato" that is lots of fun (Easter variation)

    Pass the Egg - be careful not to crush the egg with this Easter egg game (Easter variation of Pass the Orange)

    Up Jenkins - an enjoyable circle game which can be played indoors (Easter variation)

    Egg and Basket Contest - How many eggs can you throw into the bucket? (Easter variation of Card and Bucket)

    Candy Wrapper - a great game to keep everyone quiet! (Easter variation)

    Pick and Cup - a game for two or more teams (Easter variation)

    Tunnel the Egg - an Easter twist on an old favourite (Easter variation of Tunnel Ball)

    Double Pass - another lively game for teams (Easter variation)

    Easter Pinata - who will break the egg for this game? (Easter variation)

    Pass the Parcel - an Easter variation to a favourite game

    Easter Egg Hunts - lots of sensational hunts to choose from

Easter Games for Kids

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We hope you have enjoyed these Easter games. We'd love you to visit Family Games Treasurehouse again and enjoy the rest of our games.

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