Lucky Chocolate Game

Lucky Chocolate Game is a very popular game at parties. Entertain your guests with hilarious fun by having them dress up in ridiculous clothes and eating a bar of chocolate with a knife and fork.

Age: All ages

No. of players: Any number

Equipment: A large chocolate/candy bar (or several for a very large group); wrapping paper; thread; knife and fork; breadboard or tray; chair and table; hat, scarf, gloves (as outlandish as possible); a die (the plural of die is dice)

Time: 10+ minutes

Aim: To eat the chocolate!

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Preparation: Wrap the chocolate bar in several layers of wrapping paper, tying each layer securely with thread. Place the parcel on the breadboard which is on the table and chair. Place the knife and fork either side of the parcel. On the chair are the gloves, hat and scarf.

1. To play the game, players all sit in a circle on the floor. One at a time players take turns to throw the die. If a player throws a six, he runs to the table, puts on the gloves, hat and scarf, sits on the chair, and must use the knife and fork to remove the wrapping paper from the chocolate. Once the wrapping is removed, the player can start cutting up and eating the chocolate one square at a time.

2. Meanwhile the other players are still throwing the die. As soon as the next person throws a six, the person at the table must immediately stop what he's doing and take off the scarf, hat and gloves so that the next player can use them.

3. Continue to play Lucky Chocolate Game until all of the chocolate is eaten.

Easter Variation: Use large hollow Easter eggs instead of chocolate bars. The first player must use the knife and fork to unwrap the egg and break it into smaller pieces before he can start eating it.

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