More Free Easter Party Games

Free Easter party games will add excitement and
fun to your Easter party event whether it's at
school, church, youth group or your own
special party among family and friends.

This is the second part of our free Easter games page. If you would like to view the
29 + games described in Part One then click here. Otherwise, keep reading and enjoy the party games listed on this page.

Party games certainly liven up an event and leave everyone feeling satisfied and content at the end of the day. Playing games also helps to break the ice when party guests may not be all that familiar with each other. Engaging in team games builds camaraderie and new friendships are forged.

If you need inspiration for entertaining games to play at your Easter party, then you'll find plenty to choose from right here. If the games on this page aren't quite right for your occasion then make sure you look at our other Easter games and Easter hunt pages. There are plenty to choose from. Scroll down to the end of this page to find even more games and activities for celebrating Easter.

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Free Easter Party Games

Click on the highlighted game of your choice below and you will be taken to a page with full instructions on how to play the game. Most of these games can be played, or adapted to, indoors or outdoors. Some games are specially chosen Easter variations of other games. Click on the links and then search for the Easter variation after the description of the game rules.

    Don't Walk on the Egg - a humourous game for indoors (Easter variation of Blindfold Obstacle Walk)

    Hunt the Bunny - Find out who has the egg in this amusing variation of the game 'Hunt the Slipper' (Easter variation)

    Printers Errors - Be the first to unjumble the Easter story (Easter variation)

    Mystery Parcel - 'Pass the Parcel' with a twist (Easter variation)

    Lucky Chocolate Game - you'll enjoy eating your way through this game (Easter variation)

    Balloon Flights - a quick and easy balloon race (Easter variation)

    Bun on a String - enjoy this hot-cross-bun eating contest (Easter variation of Apple on a String)

    Bunny Fighting Contest - hilarious contest for two players where no bunnies are harmed! (Easter variation of Cock Fighting Contest)

    Rabbit Race - whose rabbit will win the contest? (Easter variation)

    Flying Eggs - a great game for teams (Easter variation of Flying Fish)

    Basket of Eggs - A coloring-in team game (Easter variation of Fruit Colors)

    Egg Cups - You need a good lot of wind for this game (Easter variation)

    Easter Egg Hunts - this page lists all of our Easter hunting games

Easter Games for Kids

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We hope you have enjoyed our enormous range of free Easter party games. We invite you to look at the other games we have on our website. We have games for all occasions.

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