Small Stories

Small Stories is an easy game to learn but a difficult game to win. It is best suited to players who can spell and use words well.

Age: Adults and older children

No. of Players: Any number

Equipment: Pencil/pen and paper per player.

Time: 5+ minutes

Aim: To write the longest sentence that makes sense.

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1. Each player is given a sheet of paper and a pencil or pen.

2. At a given signal, each player begins to write a sentence composed of words that have only one, two or three letters. Punctuation is allowed (such as commas, colons and apostrophes).

3. After two minutes, players compare their sentences. The player with the most words composing a single sentence that makes sense wins the game.

Example: Ali, age ten, and Ben, age two, ran to see the new car but on the way saw a big red bus, and in the bus was a fat dog who was on a rug and a wet cat who was in a bag.

Variation: You may choose to allow words with up to four letters to make the game easier to play.

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