Valentines Day Treasurehunt

Valentines Day Treasurehunt is a fun activity for couples or families to play on Valentine's Day.

Age: All ages

No. of players: 2 or more

Equipment: Valentines Day cards (see below)

Time: 5 minutes+

Aim: To read a Valentines Day message by following a treasurehunt.

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Valentines Day Treasurehunt can be played by couples, or parents may wish to run the game with their children as a special way of expressing their love.

You will need about 6 to 12 Valentines Day cards for each player. Buy a pack of small, cheap cards (with envelopes) or you could make your own.

1. Write a different love-note on each card (for example; "You are special to me", "I love you", "You make my world much brighter", and so on). Alternatively, you can write a longer message, using one word per card, that they must piece together.

2. Design a treasurehunt trail from one hidden love-note to the next. Each card will have a clue written on the envelope to show the location of the next card. Clues can be written or drawn (for younger children), and can either be plain or cryptic.

3. Put the cards in their envelopes and hide them around the house in their allocated places.

4. Give the person a written clue to help find the first card, then watch them as they enjoy your treasurehunt with love!

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