Cock Fighting Contest

Cock Fighting Contest is a hilarious contest which is conducted between two people. The aim of the game is to tip over your opponent but it's not as easy to do as you would think!

Age: Adults and older children

No. of players: 2 at a time

Equipment: 2 walking sticks or broom sticks (or similar)

Time: 5+ minutes

Aim: To tip over your opponent.

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Cock Fighting Contest

1. Two players get in the crouching position facing opposite each other. Players bring their knees together and then hold on to their legs with their arms.

2. Place a walking stick (or similar) under each player's knees and over their arms. The walking stick should be touching the back of their knees and the inside of their elbows at all times.

3. Players must maintain this position during the entire contest. They must not let go of their legs with their hands. However, they can attempt to stand up or squat lower if they desire.

4. On the word "Go" each player must try and tip the other player over. Players must not hit each other with the sticks but can only tip their opponents over by bumping them with their shoulders, legs or upper arms.

5. The winner is the player who succeeds.

Bunny Fighting Contest - For Easter, players wear a cotton ball "tail" and a set of fluffy ears.
Turkey Fighting Contest - For Thanksgiving, players wear a set of red wattles and feather tail.
Elf Fighting Contest or Santa Fighting Contest - For Christmas, players wear an elf or santa costume.

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