Easter Egg Coloring Pages

You'll find delightful Easter Egg Coloring Pages including color-by-number and loveable little critters. Inspirational craft and coloring suggestions accompany each picture.

You can't enjoy Easter without Easter eggs! The two go hand in hand. Just as an egg gives birth to brand new life so an Easter egg is a powerful symbol which reminds us of the new life we can find through the message of Easter. Click here if you'd like to find out what the message of Easter is all about.

We have 3 different Easter egg pictures on this page accompanied by cute little animals - a beautiful bunny, a cuddly little chick and a splendid butterfly Easter egg. Our butterfly Easter egg is a color-by-number which many children enjoy doing. The suggestions which accompany each picture are just simple ideas that you might like to try if your child would like to do more than just color in. We have more free Easter coloring pages available as well. Enjoy these Easter Egg Coloring Pages!

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Click on the printable PDF link next to the picture and you will be taken to a full size picture to print out.

Bunny and Egg Bunny and Egg Our adorable little bunny is just waiting for Easter to arrive. This enormous egg will be for someone very special, but first it needs to be colored!

Suggestions for coloring "Bunny and Egg": 1. Besides coloring pencils you could try, watercolor pencils, crayons, marker pens or even chalk! 2. Add some glitter to the flowers for a different effect.

Chick in an Egg Chick in an Egg Our fluffy little chick has finally hatched. New life has sprung! "Welcome to the world, little chick," says the butterfly as it hovers by.

Suggestions for coloring "Chick in an Egg": 1.See if you can find any tiny, fluffy feathers to glue to the baby chick. 2. Glue crushed egg shell, which has been colored with food dye, to the egg.

Easter Egg color-by-number Easter Egg Color-by-Number This Easter egg coloring is a color-by-number. Use the colors as suggested by the numbers to create a beautiful, bright butterfly.

Suggestions for coloring "Color by Number": Each section of the picture has a number. At the bottom of the page you will see the numbers with a color written next to it. Using colored pencils, color each section with the color suggested by the number written below the picture.

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