Coloring Pages of Easter Bunnies

Adorable Coloring Pages of Easter Bunnies to print and color.

The Easter Bunny is on the hop and getting ready to hide his abundant supply of Easter eggs for the annual Easter Egg Hunt. He has his basket full of eggs and, of course, is expecting you to join him for the big day.

We hope you have lots of fun coloring these endearing little bunnies. We have more pictures of Easter bunnies here. Don't forget to display your finished pictures proudly where everyone can see them.

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Click on the printable PDF link next to the picture and you will be taken to a full size picture to print out.

Barnaby Bunny and his Basket of Eggs Barnaby Bunny and his Basket of Eggs Barnaby Bunny is getting very excited. He can't wait to hide all of the Easter eggs around his neighbourhood. He loves watching the little children come running to and fro, scampering through the grass looking behind leaves and bricks and flowers and rocks trying to find the Easter eggs that he has carefully hidden. Sometimes Barnaby tries to trick the children by hiding the eggs on a high window ledge or in an upturned flower pot, but still the children manage to find them all. Oh! He has so much fun. And he hopes you will have so much fun coloring him in.

Suggestions for coloring "Barnaby Bunny and his basket of eggs": Color Barnaby Bunny using water color pencils and then paint over the top of the picture with a thin paintbrush and water. Glue some sparkly glitter to the bow and Easter eggs to make them stand out.

Trio of Bunnies A Trio of Bunnies The bunnies in this picture are so cute and cuddly. They've each been given an Easter egg to hide for a special child. Once they've hidden them they'll scurry away and hide themselves before anyone sees them.

Suggestions for coloring "A Trio of Bunnies": Try using crayons instead on pencils for this picture. Add some green grass to the picture using the smudging technique. On a small scrap of paper colour an area heavily using a green pencil or crayon. Rub this piece of paper over the background area of the picture for a different effect. Repeat as often as necessary.

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