Easter Coloring Pictures

Original and imaginative Easter Coloring Pictures with creative ideas and suggestions accompanying each picture.

Easter bunnies, eggs, baskets! Lots of images spring to mind at the mention of Easter. Your children will enjoy the delightful coloring pictures we have on our website. Yes, we are a games website (and you'll find plenty of Easter games for families to play here), but more than that, we are a website which promotes family fun and togetherness. Coloring in pictures are a great family fun activity!

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Going on an Easter Egg Hunt Going on an Easter Egg Hunt - Our loveable family have dressed up in their bunny outfits for their annual Easter egg hunt. They have been waiting for ages for Easter to arrive. They have managed to fill their baskets with delicious chocolate eggs. Of course, baby Kate found it a wee bit hard to carry her little egg because she hasn't learned to walk yet.

Suggestions for coloring "Going on an Easter Egg Hunt": After you have colored in the children and their colorful Easter eggs, you can draw in some scenery. Add some sky, sun, trees, flowers, grass, butterflies, birds, frogs, bunnies and any other creatures you like. You could even cut out magazine pictures of these things and paste on if you would prefer. Display your picture very prominently where everyone will see it.

Easter Time at the Farm Easter Time at the Farm - The animals want to celebrate Easter too! They've put on their bunny ears and can't wait until it's time too go on the Easter egg hunt.

Suggestions for coloring "Easter Time at the Farm": After you have colored in the animals can you draw little colorful Easter eggs for them to find? Maybe they're hiding under their legs. I'm sure they would like to find at least one or two Easter eggs each.

Hint: Use watercolor pencils instead of ordinary pencils. Color the picture in with the special pencils and then use a wet paintbrush to to paint over the colors. After it has dried it will look as if you painted the picture.

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