Easter Storekeepers

Easter Storekeepers is a lively, energetic team hunting game suitable for a large group of participants. Each team represents a different store where you would find items to buy at Easter time.

Age: Adults and older children

No. of players: Large groups (9 - 12 players)

Equipment: An Easter egg per child; a series of commodity cards (click here to download them); pencil/pen for each storekeeper

Time: Approximately 5 - 10 minutes

Aim: To be the first team to find all of the commodities.

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1. Preparation for Easter Storekeepers: Download and print off enough copies of the commodity cards. Cut each card out. On each card is written one item that you would buy at Easter time from a particular store. The stores are: a bakery; a supermarket; a craft shop and a florist shop. There should be an equal number of cards for each store. Hide all the cards around a room.

2. The players form teams and are given the name of a store.

    Team 1: The Bakery
    Team 2: The Craft Shop
    Team 3: The Supermarket
    Team 4: The Florist Shop
The players are told how many commodities are missing from the store (at least one commodity per player but more if you wish).

3. Each team chooses a "storekeeper" who stands in the middle of the room. The other players then look around the room for the cards and when they find a card belonging to their store they take it to the storekeeper who checks his list to make sure that the item belongs in his store. Players must not pick up another team's card. If they do, they must return it.

4. When all the commodities are found the storekeeper rewards his or her team with an Easter egg each.

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