Egg Cups

Egg Cups is an amusing and entertaining relay game to play at parties and social events. A bit of skill and eye-hand coordination will definitely come in handy for this game as players try to blow a table tennis ball from one cup to another.

Age: Adults and older children

No. of players: Large groups (6 or more)

Equipment: Two small egg cups and a table tennis ball per team

Time: 10+ minutes

Aim: To blow a table tennis ball from one cup to another without dropping it.

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1. Divide players into two teams and line them up beside each other. Give the first player in each team one table tennis ball and the two cups. Each cup should be small enough that the table tennis balls sit on top rather than falling into the cups.

2. On the word "Go" the first players of each team blow the table tennis ball from one cup into the other. It is not that easy to do. Players may not tip the ball from one cup into the other but the cups may be touching each other.

3. When the first player has successfully had his turn, he passes the cups and ball to the next player who has his turn. Play continues until all players have had their turn.

4. If a ball is dropped (which it will) the player picks it up and tries again until he is successful.

5. The winner is the team who completes the game first.

Easter variation: Use larger cups and Easter eggs for the game. In this variation, the eggs can be tipped from cup to cup but the shape of them will mean that many times the eggs will fall to the ground. Both cups must not be touching the egg at the same time (that is, the egg must be poured from one cup to the other).

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