Hunt the Thimble

Hunt the Thimble is a popular party hunting game. Have the children use their observation skills to see who can find the thimble first.

Age: Young children

No. of players: 4 to 8

Equipment: A thimble or any other small object

Time: 5 minutes+

Aim: To be the first to find the thimble.

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1. All players leave the room except for one. The remaining player hides the thimble somewhere in the room. The thimble should be hidden so that it is fairly difficult but not impossible to find. To avoid too much destruction to the room, the thimble should be hidden so that it can be seen without moving anything else.

2. Once the thimble is hidden, all the players are called back into the room to look for the thimble.

3. The winner is the first player to find the thimble and return it to the player who hid it. The player who finds it then has a turn at hiding the thimble.

Variation 1 - Sit Down Hunt the Thimble: Play is the same except that when a player sees where the thimble is hidden they sit down on the floor. The last person to see the thimble and sit down must pay some kind of a forfeit. For example: say the alphabet, hop on one foot, run around the house, etc. The player who sat down first must say where the thimble is hidden and then has a turn hiding it.

Variation 2 - Singing Hunt the Thimble: Play is the same except that only one person leaves the room while one of the players hides the thimble. When the person returns to the room, the other players have to try and guide her to the thimble by singing loudly or softly. The closer she moves to the thimble the louder they sing, and the further she moves away from the thimble the softer they sing.

Variation 3 - Hot and Cold Thimble: Play is the same as Variation 2 except that the other players have to tell how hot or cold the player is getting as they hunt the thimble. They can use the terms 'cold' when he is far away from the thimble, 'warmer' as he gets closer to the thimble and 'hot' and 'very hot' when he is very close to the thimble.

Easter Variation - Hunt the Egg: hide a mini Easter egg instead of a thimble.

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