Old McDonald

Old McDonald is a wonderful ice breaker game to play at the beginning of a party, family reunion, Christmas or other occasion when people need to mingle and get to know each other.

Age: All ages

No. of players: Large groups

Equipment: None

Time: 10+ minutes

Aim: To create a unique version of the classic song that uses all the names of the members of your group.

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This is best played as the first game of your gathering or get-together so that people can begin to know each other and relax into the party mood.

1. Players are divided into groups of six to eight people of mixed age and gender.

2. Each group must write words to make up their own version of the classic song, using the name and appropriate characteristic of each member of their group. The original words to the song are:

    Old McDonald had a farm
    And on that farm he had a (cow)
    With a moo-moo here
    And a moo-moo there
    Here a moo, There a moo
    Everywhere a moo-moo
    Old McDonald had a farm
The original song continues with each new verse focusing on a different animal (and sound). In your version, each verse should focus on a new member of your group and a characteristic of that person.

3. For example, your version could say;

    Blonde Aunt Annie had a family
    And in her family she had a husband
    With a son named John
    And a daughter, Kate
    They lived in town
    With a dog and cat
    Blonde Aunt Annie had a family

4. It doesn't matter if the verse rhymes, or even if it doesn't quite fit the rhythm of the song, as long as each player is mentioned in their own verse.

5. At the end of five minutes (or longer if needed), each group stands out the front and sings their song.

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