Resurrection Egg Hunt

Resurrection Egg Hunt is the perfect Easter hunt game to teach your child about the Easter story. It is based on the Bible story which is found the in book of Matthew, chapters 26 - 28. If you don't have access to a Bible you can read the story here (It will open in a new window so you can still read these instructions). It would be a good idea to read the story to your children prior to playing the game (this could be done several days before). This will make it more meaningful when they explain their symbols.

Age: All ages although reading skills are needed

No. of players: Small group

Equipment: 12 large plastic eggs each marked with a number from 1 - 12; permanent marker pen; 12 slips of paper with the Easter story verses (download here); 12 symbols, one for each egg in this order:

    1. a small bottle of perfume or a swatch on some blotting paper
    2. three small coins (silver colour)
    3. a piece of bread
    4. a piece of string with knots in it
    5. a piece of red cloth
    6. a small piece of branch with thorns (from rose bush)
    7. a cross made with match sticks or tooth picks
    8. two dice
    9. some small rocks
    10. a piece of white cloth
    11. a stone
    12. an empty egg

Time: Approximately 20 minutes

Aim: To find all the eggs and retell the Easter story.

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1. Before you play Resurrection Egg Hunt you will need to prepare the plastic eggs. Write the numbers 1 - 12 on the outside of the eggs with a permanent marker pen. Place the corresponding symbols in each egg along with the rolled slips of paper with the matching Easter story verses. They must be placed in the correct eggs.

2. Ask the children to leave the house and hide the eggs in various places around the house.

3. Ask the children to return. On the word "Go" the children start searching to find all the Easter eggs. When all the eggs are found, have the children open them in the right order, read their part of the Easter story aloud and discuss the meaning of their egg.

4. At the end of the game they can exchange their plastic Easter eggs for a real Easter egg.

Click here for the Easter story verses to go in the eggs.

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