Up Jenkins!

Up Jenkins! is an entertaining game in which one player tries to identify which of the other players is hiding the hidden object. A marvellous game for birthday parties.

Age: Adults and older children

No. of players: Large group

Equipment: A small object like a ring or a stone which can fit into a closed fist.

Time: 10 minutes+

Aim: To guess which player is holding the hidden object.

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1. One player is chosen to sit on the ground in the middle while the remaining players sit in a circle around him. The players sit with their hands behind their backs.

2. One player in the circle is given a small object to hold in his hand. When the player in the middle gives the command, "Go!" the players in the circle all pass, or pretend that they are passing, the object around the circle behind their backs.

3. At any time the player in the middle says "Up Jenkins!" at which point all the players in the circle must hold their clenched fists up in the air, including the one holding the object.

4. When the player in the middle says, "Down Jenkins!" all the players lay their hands down on the ground in front of them with their palms facing down. The player with the object in his/her hand must try and hide the object as well as they can under their palm so that the player in the middle can't see it. The other players also pretend that they have a stone hidden under their hands.

5. The player in the middle tries to identify who has the hidden object under their hand. If successful, they swap places. Otherwise the game continues.

Easter Variation: Use a small Easter egg as the object.

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